About the Tracks

A section of the Glen Rose tracks.

A section of the Glen Rose tracks.


The Texas Natural Science Center’s Glen Rose Dinosaur Tracks were made 112 million years ago by two dinosaurs, a sauropod and theropod, walking through coastal mud that is now exposed rock along the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas.

In 1940, Roland T. Bird of the American Museum of Natural History collected sections of the trackway as part of a Work Projects Administration (WPA) project jointly supervised by The University of Texas at Austin and AMNH. The Texas Natural Science Center’s sections were hammered out of the parent trackway, numbered, transported by truck and train and displayed outside of the Texas Memorial Museum in 1941. Another large section is on display at AMNH.

The Glen Rose tracks are among the finest examples of dinosaur trackways ever discovered. They include the first sauropod tracks to be scientifically documented, and taken together with the other tracks found in the area, prove that sauropods walked on all four legs with tails held aloft and roamed in herds across the land.

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